Amy adams and patrick dempsey dating

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So she can’t stay where she was, she can’t get married to the person she met that she decided to marry in a single day.” For Lima, the ending as it is represents Giselle’s transformation from animated princess to complex, fully drawn woman. “She had to evolve and had to grow, and that means unfortunately putting aside Edward and moving on to Robert.” RELATED: An oral history of the musical number ‘That’s How You Know’ Lima says he wanted to make the film precisely because of this blend of Disney animation tropes and doses of reality.

After beginning his career as a Disney animator and directing “We don’t need to make fun of it, we don’t need to be cynical,” he remembers saying.

There had been talk last year of a new script being ordered, but nothing seemed to come of it.

When the film was first talked about around five years ago, 's Kevin Lima as director.

(Giselle indulges in some prime retail therapy at one point).

Director Kevin Lima could not disagree more with those naysayers. “Because it is about a woman who grows past the small world where she came from and becomes a more fully formed person.Her responsible bearing is hardly surprising: Enchanted is Adams’s biggest film to date, in which she plays the central character, Giselle, a wide-eyed princess-to-be who tumbles down a well that takes her from her happily-ever-after animated world into live-action modern-day Manhattan.Hollywood commentators are already suggesting that, in an industry sorely lacking bankable female leads, Adams, who last year earned her first Oscar nomination (for Junebug), ‘may be the answer to a few prayers’. Director Kevin Lima who directed the first movie will be stepping out for this round.The big question, of course, is whether they'll manage to land Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams again, a task that may prove difficult with Dempsey's schedule at without Dempsey or Adams wouldn't feel right.

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