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However, this trope can occasionally be used in a more mature fashion to demonstrate a moral about growing up and realizing that adults are not all-powerful.This is especially common in military or war-themed shows and literature, where the point is that adults are ultimately unable to protect the younger generation.This version is also Truth in Television, but you'll not find many young people who are willing to admit that.Another more mature variant of the trope (and one that is also unfortunately Truth in Television) is that the adults are abusive and other adults around cover for the abuse or justify it and/or the abusers.

Another interpretation of this is merely that the adults who help won't because the dilemma's solution (at least the obvious and often more exciting one) would pretty much wind up breaking several laws and safety codes.A sacrament in which the Holy Ghost is given to those already baptized in order to make them strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.It has been variously designated: bebaiosis or confirmatio , a making fast or sure; teleiosis or consummatio , a perfecting or completing, as expressing its relation to baptism.This can be especially true in a lot of shows involving the police or military; the ones who strictly adhere to code are always shown incompetent whereas the ones who break code are the competent ones.It may be a good way to teach that you can't solve all your problems by just asking the grown-ups to help.

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