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While not all apps add much more to the Watch experience than they do to your phone, there are a few that make that subtle leap.

Here are the 22 top health and fitness apps we’re looking forward to on the Watch: First, let’s go through the apps that Apple has chosen to feature on the Apple Watch section on its site.

Nike Running – Apple kicked both Jawbone Up and Nike Fuel Band out of the Apple store in anticipation of the Watch.

But it looks like Apple through Nike some love by adding the Nike Watch app into the featured set of fitness apps on Apple’s website.

The following is a collection of the top apps we believe have the best use case on your wrist.

Hello Heart – This is a blood pressure monitor and heart health companion app.

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There are many, many health and fitness apps that are either already on the Watch or will be on the Watch in the near future.Human – This one tracks your activities throughout the day and pushes you to get up and move for 30 minutes every day.That’s important because while you may not be physically close to your phone all the time, you will be able to see that reminder on the watch to get up and move at least 30 minutes a day.The app includes a timer within the Watch to notify you when to take certain items out of the oven.Strava – Know how high you climbed, your average speed, distance and heart rate in real-time as well as segment by segment updates to keep you pushing forward in your workout.

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