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The blood and spit they spill is in the service of a transcendent musical beauty that no comic book creation can imagine. When it’s as good as the menacing, Thom Yorke-style found sounds of ‘Fear Less’, we don’t mind what he calls himself, but it does beg the question: why?Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) // // // //nourish. I felt I had to take ownership of the way it was evolving.// // // nourish. on spotify: // our spotify playlist: // Op Ch please contact us directly in case of any copyright issues and we will remove the content in question upon request. With the Chet project it was simple in the beginning, I’d ask myself, ‘What do I think is cool? It seems like a really small difference but it started opening up all these doors and bringing down all these walls I never knew I had, musically. I might be listening to some weird Afro shit and rather than consciously having to decide to take a synth line from that I’d just record it and worry about it later. But it is nice to have people shout out ‘Nick’ rather than ‘Chet’ on the street.

Passive aggression is just another defense mechanism in Baker’s arsenal of survival tricks.Rihanna's 'Stay' (left) came in second and 'Not a Bad Thing' by Justin Timberlake (right) was third Using MRI scans, Canadian scientists found that areas in the reward centre of the brain - the same part activated when we have sex or eat our favourite foods - became active when people heard a song for the first time.'When people listen to a piece of music they have never heard before, activity in one brain region can reliably and consistently predict whether they will like or buy it,' said researcher Valorie Salimpoor of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.Tom Hanks, international cuddle beacon and sugar lump in human form, has three children: the delightful Colin, writer Elizabeth…and Chester, aka Chet Hanks, aka Chet Haze, a rapper who stays strapped, according to the Instagram photo below. He also reportedly backed out of a rap battle, presumably because we weren’t ready for his flow. This week, he’s gotten himself into some manner of fracas with Howard Stern and company who dare question his commitment to that thug life. The youngest Hanks recently completed a stint in rehab and proclaimed himself 50 days clean and sober last November. On Stern’s March 24th show, Rude Jude said, “It irritates the shit out of me to see someone take that culture and appropriate it.

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