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But up until now, Famke had been a virtual Ice Princess. Please, please…” Panic raced through me and suddenly I was crying. I imagined I could hear the sound of shelves being slid back into place. She was great in bed – hot, aggressive, almost like a tigress. I’d never dated anyone who could turn heads just by walking into the bar. I had thought that getting tied up was feeling helpless. The kiss went on for a long time – wonderful bliss that was two bodies, hot for each other, joining at one of the two intimate places. But she pulled away, and her eyes dancing in the flickering candlelight, she whispered, “I think I’m ready to tell you one of my secrets.” “Are you sure-” I started, but she placed a finger to my lips. My legs were tied at the knees and it would take some gymnastics to get up the stairs. Even in this low light, I could see the color filling her face. ” She laughed and the sound chilled me to the bone.

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She moaned into my mouth and suddenly her tongue plunged in, pushing mine back, taking control of my mouth, and I pressed her body tightly to mine. I tried to even move a muscle in my arms and couldn’t – they were already numb, my fingers nothing more than cool slabs of meat. “I’m ready to tell you my second secret.”I tried to back away. Her lips pressed against the skin of my chest, her teeth finding each nipple and playfully biting. I wasn’t even sure I needed to hear her secret – if it meant diverting her attention from where it was focused now, to hell with her secret. Her lips were off me then, and when I opened my eyes, she was gone. “If I tell you one of my secrets, do you promise not to tell anyone else? Her lips were on my neck, sometimes kissing and sucking, sometimes biting. In fact, gag is the best word.”I sucked in air as her hands dove between the flesh of my hips and the cotton of my briefs and then the cool air of her bedroom drew goose bumps along the skin of my legs as both my pants and undies slid to the floor. She wanted me enough to trust me with something that hurt to reveal. I had a pretty good idea that I would spend the night handcuffed to the bed while she did her best to lord over me, and in the morning, maybe she would let me handcuff her to the bed. She flashed a smile that seemed to stop at her eyes. Next, I would hear the clink of handcuffs as they came out from under the panties in her drawer – their usual hiding spot. Because that was how my porn stash had survived my teen years at home, that’s how. Then her voice had softened and she said that she was feeling like she might tell me another of her secrets, things were going so well. I did hear the clinking of metal once and what sounded like something being flopped on the floor. What had the two dweeb boyfriends, Mikey and Tommy, been thinking? Something dropped over my head and for a second I thought, snakes! ”What the fuck…She suddenly reached over my head and pulled the rope tight. I heard myself whimpering, then howling, then begging in gibberish to loosen the rope. ” She pulled again, harder, and I screamed again, louder. “Very well, as long as you are so strongly wanting to hear my secret. There was a heavy-duty latch and lock on the door.“Tommy liked to spank me when I was tied. “A naughty boy – well, he deserves to be spanked.” She straightened and brushed the bangs out of her eyes. ” This was followed by her tongue licking around the flesh of my earlobe, her breath hot on my skin. Her hands dropped to my belt buckle and in seconds the belt was undone as well as the buttons of my pants. Now, it was just the shirt bunched around my elbows and my shoes and socks. ” Her hands curled around my hips and found the skin of my inner thighs. She giggled from behind me and pressed her entire body into me, her hands finding my balls and cupping them warmly.“Oh, thank you, Ryan! ”I leaned my head back onto her shoulder, eyes again closed, her fingers caressing my balls the only thing in my world. But then she stopped and my eyes opened again.“Would you let me tie you up, Ryan? ” Her fingers were just sitting there, cupping my balls, my throbbing dick poised to unleash hell on her command – but she’d stopped too early. This is very important to me.” She seemed on the verge of tears. But then, it was about my neck and being tightened. Distantly I heard her asking me questions – did I want to hear another secret? I didn’t know and didn’t care what she was saying – I was agreeing to everything. Hopes of this relationship surviving this one were dropping by the second. “Why would I release you before you heard my second little secret? But I have to show you something first.”She now stood over me, a beautiful goddess in heels and a leather teddy, probably the quintessential late night fantasy of every man. Famke looped the end of the cord binding my balls to a nail that was stuck in a wooden beam, effectively making sure I wouldn’t make a run for it. She led me in and turning, took my martini with a smile, placing both drinks on the dresser top, now only a quivering black shape in the flickering candle light. But that wasn’t the part that caused me to finally void my bladder on the dirt floor. She pressed close to me, her heels bringing her lips to me easily, and her kiss was gentle, almost tentative. A light suddenly came through the door and Famke followed shortly, strands of cobwebs stuck in her hair, a glowing smile on her face. Once you hear the first secret, you have to hear all three.” With a not-so-gentle pull, she led me to the small door. It wasn’t the chairs with spikes sticking out of the seat and it wasn’t the wooden X with straps and buckles and it wasn’t the bench that looked suspiciously like a stretching rack.

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