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The first noteworthy instance of online crowdfunding in the music industry was in 1997, when fans underwrote an entire U. tour for the British rock band Marillion, raising US,000 in donations by means of a fan-based Internet campaign.They subsequently used this method to fund their studio albums.the condition in which the teeth are too close together and have abnormal positions such as overlapping, displacement in various directions, or torsion. wish you all happy holiday and great holiday season .... That head count, performed hour after hour at stops along some of the busiest bus lines in Southern California, is the heart of a brewing battle over whether the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is meeting a federal consent decree to reduce , wrote Winerip in the first of a series of hard-hitting columns in September and October of that year, was caused by the "new students with challenging problems" whose parents took advantage of the No Child Left Behind law allowing them to transfer from a persistently failing school to one that was better.See arch length, arch length deficiency, arch width. in dentistry, when the dental arch length is less than the mesial distal width of the teeth intended to occupy it. malocclusion characterized by inadequate arch circumference to accommodate the teeth in proper alignment.panic state developed by chickens, adult birds, sheep in response to perceived attack; group piles up in a corner and many die of suffocation; in horses takes the form of squeezing an attendant against another horse or a stable wall, a common vice in horses which are permanently stabled. Additionally, funding increases as a project nears its goal, encouraging what is called "herding behavior".Research also shows that friends and family account for a large, or even majority, portion of early fundraising.

War bonds are theoretically a form of crowdfunding military conflicts.

In the film industry, independent writer/director Mark Tapio Kines designed a website in 1997 for his then-unfinished first feature film Foreign Correspondents.

By early 1999, he had raised more than US5,000 on the Internet from at least 25 fans, providing him with the funds to complete his film.

The book would be written and published if enough subscribers signaled their readiness to buy the book once it was out.

The subscription business model is not exactly crowdfunding, since the actual flow of money only begins with the arrival of the product.

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