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I felt hurt and let down and I made a plan to take revenge on her by getting her fucked by another man in a manner that she will never ever think of cheating me.

Rishi was on his knees giving support to Sandhya’s head to take the full cock inside.This year on the day of Holi, as planned he came to my flat fully drunk straightaway he entered the bed-room the door was left open for me to enter as per the plan, arrangements were made through a small window for me to peep into the bed room.Rishi was trying to kiss sandhya on the lips but she was very strongly resisting, she was threatening of screaming, but a strong slap on her face quietned her.He put his hand on her panty just above her vagina. B : tum pagal ho R : Nanaaa😀😀😀😀 nehi apka pagal rahul jo apko dil se love karta hain B : Oto hay pagal jiddi.He start messaging above her panty, and licking her… Apni bat mana kar chorta hain, aur Mera figure ache lagne se kya hoga?

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