Dylan efron dating

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Efron had jumped a grand total of once in preparation, and that was with an instructor at a much higher altitude.

And yet, Efron is nowhere near ready to declare this transformation complete.So yeah: Zac Efron is so committed to his body that he’s BYO-health-drink at a place that offers at least five proprietary juice concoctions incorporating every conceivable type of vegetable as well as uniquely L.A.-ish ingredients like alkaline water, montmorillonite clay, and activated charcoal. And the payoff is a body that, he says, feels as good as it ever has.To viewers at home, Efron jumped out, the chute opened, and he landed.In reality, he says, what happened was “one of the worst things possible.” To be more specific, he almost died when the lead chute’s cord tangled around his ankle and wouldn’t deploy.

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