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Mr Gourmelon today described the scene and how he thought Diana would come through the crash, admitting he didn't recognise her at the time.The 50-year-old said Diana soon stopped breathing, so he massaged her heart.

He wondered 'why there were so many journalists around the Mercedes as I was giving first aid'.Mr Gourmelon saw the ambulance speed away and believed that Diana would survive, but was shocked to learn later she had perished.The first doctor on the scene of the fatal car accident involving Diana, Princess of Wales in Paris 20 years ago has said he gave first aid to the victims before knowing who he was treating.I hadn't, so I looked back into the ambulance, and then I recognised her face. One thing I do remember: the two passengers in the back had not been wearing seat belts.' This, for Diana, was highly unusual.She generally buckled up securely for every car journey, whether in the front or the back.

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