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Kids, jobs, responsibilities, and everyday life took priority over our sex lives. Everything with her was about emotion, "feelings"...Where overwhelming emotion is vented through crying, nagging, yelling (slapping! So again, I wanted to use what I had learned (including that steamy post-argument encounter) to "I have never had so much fun!MY INFORMATION Have you ever seen one of those "very average" guys at the beach with a totally hot woman in his arms and say to yourself "how the hell did he land her!? One of my worries about getting married were horror stories of men getting married & then the wives getting fat & no longer having sex. " - Earl, Houston, TXI remember waking up one morning and looking at my wife sleeping next to me, she was in her underwear, and I remember thinking "yuck, put on some clothes". There was a time when I was looking to other women to fulfill my desires.Sexy dresses evoke an air of sophistication reminiscent of a timeless era of seductive beauty.Just like the iconic Bond girls and Hollywood bombshells, transform your everyday look in an instant with elegant party dresses from Spicy Lingerie’s vast collection.

I got really depressed that morning as I realized that I was in a sexless marriage.

Not only was my passion for her gone, but it spilled over into other areas of my life as well.

I was once a vibrant, "Alpha-male" who had a bubbly, hot wife. Or better yet, kill me because my sex life was over and my marriage was over.

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I WILL NOT SHUT MY WEBSITE DOWN JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK MY GUIDE IS SOME SORT OF "FEMALE MIND CONTROL". MY WEBSITE IS TO HELP HUSBANDS & WIVES HAVE A MORE ENJOYABLE MARRIAGE! There was a time when my wife wasn't so hot and wasn't so sexually charged. "I am not married but am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend & your guide has made our sex lives better than ever.

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