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But it also ties in with the show's historical-cultural fascinations.

The script hints at two separate and unequal racial realities in the early scene where the copywriters gather around to gawk at Speck crime scene pictures that Peggy's friend, the photographer Joyce Ramsa (Zosia Mamet), has smuggled in; the scene confirms that the white characters and the media they consume don't really care what's happening in black America unless it affects them directly, and these murders are more random, terrifying and real to most of them than the more oblique menaces of racial injustice and civil unrest.As my predecessor Emily Nussbaum wrote in a 2008 piece about Joan's rape, "Joan’s power turned against her.And what made it particularly cruel was that her fiancé’s assault was a poisoned parody of the boss-secretary role-play that was her specialty, forced on her by someone who wanted to humiliate her for her history."I know we're not really in the same situation," Peggy tells her, "but I was the only one like me there for a long time. After offering to help Dawn become a copywriter and being very politely rebuffed, Peggy asks her, "Do you think I act like a man?" "I guess you have to, a little," Dawn says, not quite answering the question; her quietly diplomatic responses here are just right.

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