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The wedding is set to take place at the Middleton family's local village church, St Mark's in Englefield, Berkshire.A number of top brands have reportedly raised concerns about their adverts on Mumsnet after their marketing appeared next to "offensive" swear words posted by users.Many people gave her a sharp dressing down: “You clearly have no sense of boundaries and lack maturity,” wrote one person.Another was concerned about the youths that could possibly catch the couple, saying: “It doesn't make it ok for you to w*nk off just because the CHILD is 15.” As well as telling the woman to stop, many people revealed they’d reported her.“Don't make other people play a part in your sex life unless they are aware of it,” implored one person.The majority of people who read the woman’s story were disgusted, ordering her to “have some self control”.

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According to insiders, the 35 year old has an account on the popular website so that she can find answers to questions she and her husband aren’t sure of.Parents vent their frustrations about issues ranging from potty training to internet safety on Mumsnet, who have said they are not "over prudish" about swearing.The site, which makes money through advertising, sponsors and events, generated a turnover of £7.2million last year and has become one of the most influential internet forums in the UK since it was founded by Carrie Longton and Justine Roberts in 2000. Please tell me you're not going to ban swearing." Impostersyndrome said: "I'm with the advertisers, I'm afraid."Using these websites has really helped Kate, although she’d never admit to using the web for advice," the source continued to reveal magazine."The Royal Family tend to ‘just get on with it’ when it comes to raising children.

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