Prices for great expectations dating service

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Jackson signed up for Indianapolis Singles in May, saying he hoped it would be better than his previous experience with Great Expectations.

"I mentioned Great Expectations and she said, 'Well, we knew about them, but we don't operate that way,'" Jackson said.

Now, though, if you look up the company on the BBB's website, you'll find the company's accreditation revoked.

Of the men Sechrist reached out to herself, a majority never responded.

Maniscalo said BBB locations in several other cities, including Chicago, are currently investigating their associated dating services.

If the action of the piano has a problem before the piano is tuned, it will have the same problem after tuning unless repairs or regulation are performed to correct it.

Am I ruining my Steinway if I change the soundboard? All the parts on my piano are original…why do I need to change the parts?

Why are all the keys sticking on my Steinway piano?

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