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For example, the positive correlation between intellectual disability and severity of symptoms (Carter et al.), combined with the fact that males are more prone to developmental delay have led some to hypothesize that the higher prevalence of autism in males stems from a greater risk of developmental disability (Boyle et al. The exact nature of this relationship is unclear, and studies have found evidence that sex differences in cognitive performance, adaptive abilities and repetitive behaviors do not appear to be ASD specific, but instead bear a closer resemblance to those found in typically developing children (Messinger et al. However, other viewpoints stress specific biological factors related to autism, illustrated by findings which note that higher genetic risk for autism may occur in females with idiopathic autism (Gilman et al. While the specific behavioral influences of sex differences in ASD presents as unclear within current literature.Some have posited that these behavioral differences could, in part, influence the observed asymmetry in sex prevalence if they contribute to the risk that subtle cases of ASD in females may go unrecognized (Dworzynski et al. This research suggests that this may be particularly true for females falling into the average range of IQ and who, as a group, typically tend to display fewer disruptive behavioral outbursts than their male peers (Dworzynski et al.In addition, a list of 6 out of the 23 M-CHAT items constituting the most critical items in predicting an ASD diagnosis (Robins et al.In line with aim (a) to examine the overall endorsed autistic symptoms with respect to sex and diagnosis by examining M-CHAT total number of failed items, we first conducted a two-way ANOVA (sex*ASD diagnosis) with total number of failed M-CHAT items as outcome.Due to smaller sample size in the ASD female group, we did not include an interaction term between the severity score and diagnosis or sex (depending on analysis) in the subsequent logistic regression models.

At an item level, almost every male versus female disadvantage in the broader population was consistent with M-CHAT vulnerabilities in ASD.Each item in M-CHAT was scored 0 = non failure, 1 = failure according to the manual (Robins et establish an overall measure for presence of autistic-like behavior.The first data were collected during pregnancy, and each mother received several questionnaires containing items from a number of age-appropriate scales for their participating child with follow-ups at 6, 18 and 36 months as well as at 5, 7, 8 and 13 years of age.Diagnoses of ASD were obtained from the Autism Birth Cohort´s (ABC) clinical records, in our sample, assessed at 3.5 years (Stoltenberg et al. A child’s diagnose were rendered completely blinded for ratings in Mo Ba-questionnaires and with no knowledge about any previous diagnosis by specialized services.

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