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Still, you can do some amazing stuff with small populations. What made it sustainable was likely the “lost technologies” – much of which has been collected by people like Robert Nelson over at I mentioned Tuesday.The Pyramids, for example went up in the 2630-2611 period – that’s per the reliable efforts of the U. There are footnotes and asterisks all over the place, sure: Races of extraterrestrial giants – the Genesis 6 Giants – Steve Quayle has been writing about ’em for years.

Sure, you can look at the sharp rise in the kneed of the curve there (around 1900) and figure well, global pop was sustainable at those levels. Remember, this was before electric lights (generally), before radio, before indoor plumbing most places, before public health, clean water, antibiotics, and not much in the way of cars, no gas stations to speak of, lots of horse poop, and…well sustainable but at what would be sustainable.” No.

Thinking through the Progress Problem is our breakfast special this morning.

The other day in a post, I made a remark that bothered one of our readers.

According to folklore, any wishful unmarried person who sits in it would be married within a year.

The legend came true for Smith’s daughter, who married in the Chinese Room itself.” Missed the chance to sit in the Wishing Chair, did you?

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