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In early March of 2013, Fisher confirmed in an interview with the Palm Beach Illustrated magazine that she would return to reprise her role as Princess Leia in The Force Awakens..

Fisher's ashes were placed inside a large prozac pill-shaped porcelain urn which was buried next to her mother's casket.

Fisher again appeared as Princess Leia in the 1978 made-for-TV movie The Star Wars Holiday Special.

She then hosted the November 18, 1978 episode of Saturday Night Live, in which she came onto the stage outfitted as Princess Leia, complete to her hair being arranged into the hairstyle she had employed throughout most of A New Hope, which some people had noted resembled an Imperial TIE fighter.

Her brother Todd stated the pill had been one of Fisher's favorite possessions.

Carrie Fisher had one husband, the musician Paul Simon.

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Star Wars was a huge success and made her internationally famous.Soon after, Fisher enrolled at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, which she attended for 18 months.Her first movie appearance was in the Columbia comedy Shampoo (1975) starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, and Goldie Hawn, with Lee Grant and Jack Warden.Her other novels include Surrender the Pink (1991), Delusions Of Grandma (1993), and The Best Awful There Is (2004).She also published a book of photographs titled Hollywood Moms (2001) and even wrote three primarily non-photographic non-fiction books, Wishful Drinking, based on a 2006 one-woman stage show she and writer-director Joshua Ravetch had jointly developed, published in 2008, Shockaholic, published in 2011, and The Princess Diarist, which was published in 2016.

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