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I recently discovered, at my 75, 000km service, that they left my radiator cap ON MY RADIATOR, without even closing it, and they just closed the bonnet and returned the car to me.

I was running around like this for 3 months before this incident was discovered by another mechanic who was replacing my wiper blades, just opened up my bonnet to do a basic check on water and discovered this.

I have the same issue as above Chelmen's complaint.

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I was furious and enquired why it took them so long to discover the leak - which could have prevented the change of the entire part during their last inspection.

He couldn't give me an adequate answer and said I should speak to Mr Terry Yap cos they didn't agree to meet halfway, nor suggest any other solution to help me save cost on such an expensive replacement, nor assume responsibility for their lack of concern nor proper full inspection during all the years I have serviced my car with them.

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